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Fast-load, global video delivery in 4k Ultra HD

with real-time engineering support

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your content... to your user... on any device

Technology Feedback Loop


Whether Live or On-Demand, our social media action platform will facilitate the content marketing process for producers and distributors.

We're rooting for the content producers, creators, and distributors, and all those for whom live streaming can revolutionize how they share their real-time experiences.

Our extensive data source (certain of which are proprietary) will bridge the audience to content gap and drive both discovery and engagement. To that end, we have contracted with major content organizations on the Entertainment, Hospitality and Consumer Product categories.

Additionally, we have designed and built a proprietary search platform to enable content providers and consumers with an accessible tool to promote and/or discover new and relevant content.


The ultimate Content Delivery and Marketing Network for Live and On-Demand Streaming.

Yes, we're a VDN (video delivery network) provider that is focused on speed, efficiency, and reliability. We know that experience is everything. We provide streaming technology capable of delivering experiences unfiltered, and 'undiminished' by delay.


Consumers are surrounded by content. Social Media is the future of content sharing - that's why our Global Video Network is enabled by our proprietary, Social Media Action platform.

We do real-time consumer analysis that defines the 'who', as it relates to content interest and consumption. Of course, we have traditional video user stats that compliment our deep understanding of consumer behavior patterns.

ADVECTION: the infinite technology loop in content marketing and distribution.

We have delivered billions of streams for top Global Brands

younow company
ecko-unltd company
Microsoft company
gymboree company
angara company
Amazon company
Hewlett_Packard company
Hewlett_Packard company
USC company
New York Times company
UEFA company
NHL company
OLN company
Motorola company
Dell company
Nba company
NBC company
Fox KDF company
Viacom company
Tri Media company
Vera-Wang company
Tribal company
Adobe company
Orbitz company
Nickelodeon company
Danone company
Canon company

Discover the Advection Differential

We don't only help you identify the where and when of media distribution, but the 'who'.
Our inclusive media services offering enables multiple points of optimization to streamline content delivery, and maximize consumer outreach.
Other CDN providers believe content delivery ends with the viewer. We don't. We believe it loops back to you, the decision maker. Informing, guiding, and optimizing all aspects of your business. From seamless delivery to content discovery, to contextual, real-time consumer analytics.

Live Support

Our Network Admins and Engineers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to respond to any and all issues. We're all about live connections, with on-the-fly technical assistance that is available in 'your' designated chat room.