Live streaming

Stream your content from any source, from your webcam to professional encoding studios, seamlessly.

Static content delivery

Record your live streams into files, or upload your files to be delivered worldwide, in a few clicks.

Advanced video analytics

Get insights from session data, geography and popularity reports, and other stats tools so you can optimize your videos.

Unlimited resources

Hate limits on services? Upgrade storage space or bandwidth as you go or choose an unlimited option, with no caps.

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Ecko-unltd - our Client
Microsoft - our Client
Gymboree - our Client
Angara - our Client
Amazon - our Client
Hewlett Packard - our Client
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USC - our Client
New York Times - our Client
UEFA - our Client
NHL - our Client
OLN - our Client
Motorola - our Client
Dell - our Client
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Viacom - our Client
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Try one of our services below. Or, continue with Developer Free

Developer Free Personal Startup Media
$ 0   monthly
$ 50   monthly
$ 100   monthly
Contact Us
Included Monthly Storage
Included Monthly Storage 5GB 50GB 120GB Contact Us
  Included Viewing Bandwidth
Included Viewing Bandwidth 20GB 100GB 250GB Contact Us
  Simultaneous Streams
Simultaneous Streams 1
  Low Latency
Low Latency
  Live Streaming Service
Live Streaming Service
  Download Service
Download Service
  Live Streams Recording Service
Live Streams Recording Service
  Streaming Analytics Service
Streaming Analytics Service
  Real-Time Stats
Real-Time Stats
  FTP Service
FTP Service
  Custom CNAME
Custom CNAME
  Deep Link Prevention Service (DLP)
Deep Link Prevention Service (DLP)
  Subaccount Manager Service
Subaccount Manager Service
  Pay-Per-Minute Service (PPM)
Pay-Per-Minute Service (PPM)
  VOD Transcoding Service
VOD Transcoding Service
  Live Transcoding Service
Live Transcoding Service
  Audio Recognition Service
Audio Recognition Service
  Video Comments Sharing Service
Video Comments Sharing Service

“We have been working with Advection since 2009, and it has been a mutually - successful and profitable relationship. Our teams have worked extremely well with each other. The Advection team has been truly professional in its approach to doing business. We look forward to working with Mike, Vlad and Kate for many years to come.”

Albert Iannantuono President/CEO & Founder at Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technolgies Inc.

“I worked with Advection for many years while working for the musician Prince. Their team provided the backbone to Prince's Webby Award-winning NPG Music Club, which was one of the first artist-owned online businesses. Advection allowed us to successfully provide concert ticket presales to all the members of our fan club securely and smoothly, as well as make Prince's independent music catalog available through a digital music store. Advection went above and beyond at every step of the project.”

Sam Jennings UX Designer II at Microsoft

“Marc Ecko Enterprises has been hosting sites with Advection for years and we're satisfied with the service. Their email support is prompt and Michael Alatortsev is very helpful when we have to set up new web sites. He took calls with our web developers to establish our hosting needs and advised on important technical decisions. The quality of service has been consistent and they have helped us when we most needed it.”

Geno Betancourt Senior Graphic Designer at Crumbs Bake Shop


Is Free Developer the same as a free trial?

No. Unlike a trial account, the Free Developer account doesn't expire or automatically turn into a paid plan. It requires no credit card. Instead, it's limited to 1 active live stream. You can upgrade at any time, which will increase the live stream limits, and will also give you access to advanced functions and more bandwidth and storage.

What's "unlimited resources"?

To help you control costs and avoid overages, paid accounts come with usage caps enabled by default. However, if you prefer to remove the caps, you can enable the "unlimited resources" option, which will remove all limits on storage or bandwidth. Keep in mind that if caps are removed, any usage that exceeds your plan parameters will result in overage charges.

I just signed up for a paid plan but it's shown as Free Developer in my account settings. What do I do?

That's correct. All new accounts begin as a basic free account, and you can then add the desired paid options in your Account & Settings area.

I need more streams, storage, or bandwidth than what's listed under your standard plans. What should I do?

Contact us to request a custom plan. We provide all media-related services, from content ingestion and transcoding, to various content protection and monetization options.

Do you have any restrictions on file size or duration?

No. We only limit your total storage (unless you remove the caps and enable the "unlimited storage" option).

Can I upload or stream commercial content?

Yes, as long as the content you are streaming does not violate our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

What happens if I go over my limits?

Normally, to protect you from overages, we will stop all of your streams and new uploads. However, if you remove the caps and go with the "unlimited resources" option, your usage will not be capped, and you will be billed for overage charges. You can always upgrade your plan to reduce the plan parameters and reduce overage rates.

Will my content be available worldwide?

Yes. We own and operate a global video cloud, to ensure reliable low-latency delivery of your content worldwide. Contact us if you have special requirements.

Can I cancel or downgrade at any time?

Yes. Plan changes (limits) related to a downgrade take effect with your next billing cycle.